It’s been an exciting 2 years…​
I am ecstatic! 2 years since being Wisemanned, my house is already half paid and now my BMW and my brand new 4×4 installments are being eliminated to zero. I just don’t have enough words to thank you! Thank you, thank you!
Spike de la Rey June 2013

This really works!
My name is Hannelie Visser
 and I can now say after more than 2 years that the effect of the Wiseman Concept not only created a saving with immediate effect but also now after two years I will spend R 100 000 on my house with the savings I made.
Before I had no money left by the 15th of the month. Now I can save R6000 every month after all has been paid!
Hannelie Visser 2012

ABSA BANK gave me the go ahead…
My name is Gideon v/d Merwe

I am a very skeptical man and I knew that when something sounds to good to be true it’s better to walk away. The “Wiseman Concept” team National Manager Gerald Joubert was very convincing and I thought if I have nothing to lose …why not?
I was approved for R 406 000 from ABSA BANK. On my way to sign the documentation at the bank attorney’s office in Durban a friend phoned me to say there is complaints against “Wiseman Concept”. I immediately canceled the deal. Mr Willem Botha the director of “Wiseman Concept” phoned me and asked me to open the complaint on the Google search engine.

I did what he asked and found out that the complaint was a lie. This complaint was set up in such a manner that when searching for “Wiseman Concept a false representation appeared like “HOW TO LOSE YOUR HOUSE”. When I clicked on that complaint a complete different story emerged where a question was asked if “Wiseman Concept” is part of an attorney in Pretoria who apparently scamming clients. No mention of any complaint against “Wiseman Concept” was made when I opened to read about it. These lie’s are all over internet and therefor watch out that you don’t get scammed by people putting complaints against this awesome money saving concept.
When I was satisfied that “Wiseman Concept” is legit and not a scam I had to make double sure. I contact ABSA BANK and the bank attorney. They investigated the matter and within 3 days I received an email from ABSA BANK assuring me that I may proceed with my loan. This email is available for all to see.
I will pay my house in 7 years instead of 20 years saving R 1.1 million at zero additional cost to my existing monthly budget. I bought a new Toyota Etios at zero cost to my budget saving R 130 000.
Please do not believe the misconception on the Google search engine about “Wiseman Concept”
Also remember that YOUR BANK IS YOUR BEST FRIEND and that “WISEMAN CONCEPT” is the way to go!