Ordinary People Savings

I Want to tell you about a normal client yesterday.

They wanted a Solar quote and got one for 180K

So they called me to demonstrate my system

There bond was only 110K paying @ 4K pm. I refinance it and reduce payment to 1K pm saving them 3K pm

You need 900K invested to make 3K pm. So I saved them 3K real money and 900K virtual money.

I call it future real money.
What is virtual money? It’s money which you don’t have now, but will have in 20 years while enjoying the 3K to buy groceries.

Then use the 3K you would have spent to save it for the 900K future investment.

Then I suggest that they don’t do the 180K excluding labour which comes to another 40K with an ordinary Inverter system costing 20K, instead of 220K

Saving 200K
Then settle a bakkie with a balance of 135K to save 4K

The balance left over is 65K. This settle 2 Credit Cards saving them another 2K

In total saving them 9K pm real money and 2.7Bar future real money.

Very important to understand what really happened

They have a paid up bakkie.

They have 2 paid up Credit Cards with 65K in to use as an emergency!

They have an inverter to cover the basics like food, TV, computers, lights etc.

And On top of that they have 9K in there bank and their total ESKOM account will be calculated @zero cost to their budget.

Their fuel is 2K pm and they complaining and say bad things about the goverment and Eskom….

Why do that if they can now use the 9K to make fuel R0.00/liter, and the Eskom Bill of 2K pm 100% zero and still save 9K pm. Because if all is paid by the WMC plan, they take the money which they were suppose to pay for fuel and electricity ( 4K ) and save it.