Property Wise Deals

We are not agents and do not charge agent commissions!

Buy your next property the Wiseman way! Use your own bank and your own bank’s attorneys but let the Wiseman Telescopic Calculator maximize your savings! You will never purchase a property the “normal” way again – GUARANTEED!

Property Wise gives you the edge as buyer or seller. Remember, in the Wiseman Concept everyone is a winner!

Are you having difficulty selling your property as everybody is looking for a bargain and nobody wants to pay the amount you believe the property is worth?  The Wiseman Telescopic Calculator will structure a deal that gives you your asking price (only if the bank finds the value in the property!) and the buyer will always get the bargain of a lifetime!  Wise Deal properties normally go like hot cake! Contact us now and we will show you how!

Feel free to browse through the list of properties on this site, whether you want to live in the house yourself or rent it out as an investor, we will find the deal for you even if it is not yet listed on the site.  You are also welcome to visit the properties on the linked real estate sites, but remember that those transactions may attract normal agent fees, unlike the Property Wise Deals. Cooperating agents are entitled to their fair commissions, even if the buyer does not pay it from his budget, as everybody always wins in a Wise Deal.

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