Orange Car Wash

We took your “car washing” to another level treating your car to be “happy”….clean cars drive better and lighter on fuel! Lets prove it!!!


With our “State of the Art” technology we can now set up a “Virtual” ORANGE CAR WASH anywhere in the world and you will be making money from it!


With this mind blowing marketing system every person caring for his car will use this mo ey saving concept!


We offer:
1) When buying a new car we will supply 100 full car washes for you “free” to your budget!

2) Our E-finance system will reverse all your Toll-fees

Imagine your savings!
Chat to us about it!
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Lets change the world and treat your car with a “free car care plan”….If you can produce our “Car Care Plan” at zero cost to your budget….we will guarantee a R 50 000 higher trade-in than any car dealer from a car dealer of your choice.