Marianne’s Style Studio


For the first time ever you don’t have to compromise your beauty …. because we will save you money.

Yes!! Your bank is your best friend because their money will pay for your beauty….if you qualify it could be made 100% free to your budget.

Beauty is expensive! Save money now and use your saving to reduce your fuel price to only R 10.00/liter – we will guide you!

Buy your very same products and chemicals @ 50% less from the same supplier and double your income.

Use the money you saved on your products and chemicals and pay your rent with that. The rent you had to pay will now remain in your pocket.

Beauty can be made “free” – make an appointment to learn more about this banking process. You can now do any cosmetic surgery 100% “free” to your budget. Ask us how!

Go to your link: and remember this is a National Link/App for all Salons in South Africa – for technical support and application forms call 079 401 2199