Most farmers pay an average of R 20 000 pm on electricity for irrigation and their farming responsibilities! This cost is killing the farming system!

We can now save a farmers
R 20 000 pm and using the same saving to pay for his diesel account!

This phenomenal “telescopic calculator” design mathematics where normal people dont go…..If they knew how, they all would have done it!

Do you agree?
Lets do an example..
If we can save a farmer
R 20 000 pm …..he could buy a tractor of R 1 000 000 and pay the installment. With the R 20 000 electricity money he saved….Will it be true that the R 1 000 000 tractor would be 100% “free” YES!!!!
It would!

We ask as many times why do more farmers not do this!! We found out that farmers are scared for the unknown of a “free” tractor!

We therefor offered a reward of a R 100 000 to any Actuary or Accountant to prove us wrong!

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