Design to pay 50 percent less

Financial Engineering is the Reverse Restructuring of an individual or group where the additional surplus income creates the surplus that pays the bank instalment…. Nobody losing any money

All car dealers are welcome to join hands with us and double your car sales because by joining this Phenomenal system makes car instalments 50% cheaper without the bank and the dealers losing one cent. New car dealers also welcome.

If you consider buying a car you must GET CALCULATED first and reduce your instalment with 50%. We do new and 2nd hand cars. Home owners qualify for this and those who don’t own houses we will get you equity. Terms and conditions always apply e.g. Equity is the value between your current bond and your value of the house. You may use family equity as well.

Take this car of R 500 000, pay only R 250 000 and get a trade-in after 42 months to cover your settlement, then buy a new car for lesser instalment. Nobody can beat this!

Yes! Yes! and Yes! Who can do this? You will never get a dealer or a bank who will save you R 520 000. Prove us wrong and we will reward you with R R250 000.

Yes! This how serious we are. Don’t let anyone tell you this is a Scam of some sort. Tell us about these conjecture monkeys spreading this and we will reward you with R 10 000 when we charge them in a Court of Law.

It’s simple Reverse Calculations.

The Wiseman Concept are using this most advance technology to reduce your instalment. Apply online without any private information.

We beat any trade-in by reducing your instalment equivalent to R 100 000 on your car.

We are a calculating company. You pick your car and your dealer anywhere in South Africa and we will reduce your instalment. If we can reduce a certain “brand” car price with 50% and more, I sometimes wonder who is the owner of the that “brand”….

Wow!!!! Is this not amazing – pay R 85 000 for a R 179 000 car and get a guaranteed Trade-in what you can prove you paid. NOBODY CAN DO THIS

Call us for an appointment. Anybody is welcome to join our team.

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