Wiseman Concept Explained

In a nutshell the alternative “risk free” finance plan I mentioned to you is called “Get-Calculated” and was developed by a gentleman by the name of Willem Botha.

He has a proprietary formula to finance assets by using equity to its maximum effect mainly through leveraging and the use of simple vs compound interest without touching your money!

This means that you are in control of your own money!

He has been doing this successfully for 25 years and has a few thousand of extremely happy clients who will never use ordinary finance as we know it today.

The finance plan is 100% legal and complies with the Credit Act, in particular the articles on financing. Only bank deals are used in any form where equity can be used and @ zero-cost to a client’s budget.

Several individuals have challenged this plan as to its workability but could never prove it wrong. As proof of the confidence in this plan, there is a R250 000 reward for anyone who can prove that the system doesn’t work. Despite several attempts by the likes of actuaries and some CA’s, nobody have been able to proof any irregularity with the system. 963 tried to get the 250K

Neither could several audits from SARS find anything untoward.

The way it is done is to use available equity (which can be property, especially an access bond facility, a paid-up vehicle, overdraft facility, credit card facility, cash, etc.) to obtain a certain benefit.

The system is based on a seven year term (but may be shorter or longer depending on available equity and affordability during which any purchased asset will be paid in full!

That means a new 20 year bond will be fully paid after only seven years without any increase in the monthly instalment.

Alternatively, if you wish to keep the term the same, the instalment could be significantly reduced between 50 and 100%

As for the application to the purchase of a vehicle, the term would once again be seven years or less if the value allow the vehicle to be settled. The settlement in any car transaction will always be approximately 30% higher than what a car dealer offer the client as a “trade-in”, this could never happen if you have been calculated. No more devaluation on any car.

At the end of the term, or when the vehicle is traded back before the end of the term, you will receive the full amount you paid on the vehicle back in cash, i.e. your trade-in value to “Get Calculated” is 100% and your depreciation is zero! That is unheard of in the motor trade.

Please note that the above have proved that buying a vehicle is a better investment than a fixed property.
Imagine this achievement. The normal human mind will find it difficult to understand.

You can then just repeat the cycle by purchasing a new vehicle on the same basis.

The process starts with a simple online application (https://getcalculated.co.za/apply-now/) where the system’s telescopic calculator determines the amount of credit/benefit that you qualify for based on available equity and affordability (income/expenses).

You will receive a personalised proposal via e-mail based on the results of this phenomenal “Telescopic Calculator” called “Get-Calculated”.

Please note that no personal information i.e. ID, payslips, bank statements, proof of address, etc. is required at this stage. When your signed document has been recieved by us, your own bank will call you.

Should you wish to proceed, you will indicate your acceptance by returning the signed proposal. This signature constitutes the fact that you understand that this whole concept will be 100% free to your current budget and at zero risk!

You will be required to complete a bond application for the registration of a new bond or an extension of your existing bond reducing your current term in the same 7 years! Only your bank will take down your personal private information.

This is unheard of in the property market.

The funds that are made available are then deposited into your own bank account i.e. it stays yours, nobody can touch it.

This equity needs to stay in the account in order to get the leverage effect i.e. you cannot use it for other purposes unless it make sense.

The Reverse Mathematics provides your benefits, much like Outsurance paying their kick-back on vehicle insurance when you don’t claim. This is just 100 × better.

The latter may include covering as much as your full payment on a new vehicle and more – according to the proposal put forward to you.

For the purchase of a motor vehicle, a normal application is completed with a financing institution or car dealer using a bank. Normal criteria is that 30% of your income may be used to buy a car and 30% of your income for an equity loan.

The contract is signed and the portion of the instalment – or the full instalment as per the proposal – is then covered by the Get-Calculated Reversed Mathematical formulas every month. The bank will get the normal instalment by means of a debit-order without effecting your current budget.

For more clarity, you never have to rely on the “Get-Calculated” system to pay you, we never touch any money, as the payments will be paid by your own money in your own bank with (RR) reverse restructuring mathematical sience.

The “Get-Calculated” system gets paid with a 10% fee of what you saved. No saving/no payment!

Therefor you pay us with money you saved through this system and would otherwise never have had, in essence at no cost to you, meaning if the client paid us with “free” money, then the client did not pay us at all.

A further phenomenal safety factor is that this 10% will be paid back to you in 7-10 months, where-after the system will be repeated!

Vast business opportunities for the entrepreneurial type will open-up in all sectors of the economy! Example: could Sasol lower the fuel price to R10.00/liter? NO, THEY CAN’T….but you can do it without Sasol losing one sent….does this not make you the owner of Sasol?

Why do you want to buy a fuel station if the fuel station already belong to you…why do we say that? Because the real owner can not cut his price the way you did….and all happening on your selphone.

Willem Botha (CEO )