Not A Scam – Deon Nortmann – 0836804310


The Wiseman Concept has been investigated and audited a number of times by the banks and never was any indication found that customers were being put at risk.  If the Wiseman Concept is a scam, where are the people that lost money over the last 13 years? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will a scammer provide a sustainable plan that leads a client to strengthen their financial position and deliver guarantees against failure or would they instead make false promises that cannot be measured or proven?
  • Will a scammer refer clients to their own bank to buy products or services in the name of the client or would they use unknown obscure entities instead and try to gain control over the client’s funds?
  • Will a scammer use the client’s bank’s lawyers to perform all the paper work and all transfers and payments necessary to set up the machinery that will help the client or will they use their own “lawyers” and their own carefully worded contracts?
  • Will a scammer use investment vehicles that can be tracked on-line by the client from his own bank or will they rather want to fabricate “growth” figures by issuing their own statements from systems that do not exist?
  • Will a scammer obtain bank approval for a client or will they avoid banks and regulated institutions at all cost?
  • Will a scammer improve a client’s cash flow and free up finances that the client never knew of, risk free to the client, or would they rather take cash out of the client’s pocket at the first available opportunity?
  • Will a scammer maintain a long term relationship with the client to assist them through changing needs or will they rather come in quick, take what they can and then disappear?

We indeed urge you to be vigilant against scammers and recommend you investigate every transaction you enter into very carefully, but wish to convey to you instead that our mission is one of uplifting the consumer and empowerment of the masses.

Just as a final note – The Wiseman Concept can substantiate all claims made on this website.